Visualize Your Data With, transforming your data into informative charts is straightforward. Discover how to bring your data to life through visualization.


Charts in are dynamic visual representations of your data, designed to help you understand trends, patterns, and outliers. With a variety of chart types and customization options, you can create visualizations that best suit your analysis needs.

Creating a Chart

To create a chart, follow these steps:


Chat with Brewit

On the home screen, select a data source and ask any questions about your data


Choose Chart Type & Save Chart

Select the type of chart that best represents your data. Click Save Chart button to save the chart for future reference and add it to any dashboards.

Select Chart


Customize Chart

Navigate to Dashboards tab and customize your chart’s based on the data structure or update SQL query to extract the data you wish to visualize.

Select Chart

Select Chart

Supported Chart Types


  • X Labels, Y Labels, Z Labels: Labels for the chart axes.
  • Legend Position: Position of the legend on the chart.
  • Font Size, Prefix, Suffix: Styling options for single value charts.