Efficient Data Interaction Brewit.ai’s Chat feature transforms how you interact with your data by offering an intuitive and conversational interface.

Getting Started with Chat

Unlock the full potential of your data with Chat. Learn how to initiate a chat session, select data sources, and interact with AI for insights.


Select a data source

Begin your chat session by selecting data sources. Easily view the schema within your chat session to understand your data’s structure

Select Data Source


Ask any data questions

Pose any data-related question to the AI. Brewit.ai is designed to understand complex queries and provide you with accurate insights quickly.


Clarification process

When the user asks ambiguous data questions, AI will help clarify the question and suggest a few options to choose from.


Generate SQL & charts

Brewit generates one or multiple SQL queries based on your questions and execute them to provide you with the desired insights. It also generate recommneded charts based on the query results.

If there are SQL errors, Brewit will regenerate the SQL queries and provide the correct results.

Generate SQL & charts


Drill down

Dive deeper into your data by clicking “Drill Down” button. It will generate a few suggested questions that you can ask to get more insights.

Drill down


Share chat session

Collaborate effectively by sharing your chat session within the workspace. This allows team members to view your interactions, charts, and dashboards, enhancing teamwork and decision-making.

Features of Chat

Brewit.ai’s Chat goes beyond simple interactions, offering a comprehensive set of features for an enhanced data analysis experience.

  • Data Source Selection: Easily choose which data sources to query in your session.
  • View Schema: Get an overview of your data structure within the chat.
  • Suggested Questions: AI suggests questions based on your data, helping you kickstart your analysis.
  • Interactive AI Responses:
    • Clarification Response: If your query is ambiguous, the AI asks for clarification.
    • Query Response: The AI generates and executes SQL queries based on your questions, even allowing for regeneration in case of errors.
    • Interpretation: Gain insights into your data with clear, understandable interpretations.
  • Drill Down: Dive deeper into your data with suggested questions for further analysis.
  • Visualization: Instantly generate charts from the AI’s responses and save them to dashboards for future reference.
  • Collaboration: Share your chat session with team members to streamline collaboration within your workspace.