Enhance Your Report The Notebooks feature is a versatile tool that empowers you to create comprehensive reports, insightful documentation, and interactive data visualizations, all within an AI-enhanced, Notion-like editor.


The Notebooks feature introduces a powerful way to document, analyze, and visualize data in Brewit.ai. It combines a user-friendly editor with AI capabilities for generating charts, summarizing reports, and providing insights. Whether you’re compiling research, drafting project documentation, or generating data-driven reports, Notebooks can streamline your workflow and enhance the clarity of your presentations.

Creating a Notebook

Starting with a Notebook involves understanding its core features and how to utilize them effectively. Here’s how you can maximize the potential of Notebooks in your projects:


Initiate Your Notebook

Begin by creating a new notebook. Decide on the structure based on the level of detail and the hierarchy of information you plan to include.


Leverage the Notion liked Editor

Utilize the AI-powered editor to type out your documentation or report. You can ask the AI for suggestions, summarizations, or even to generate charts based on the data you input or describe.

Data Visualization

Notion-liked Editor


Organize with Layers

Structure your notebook using up to three layers of notebooks for a hierarchical organization. This allows you to manage complex documentation or projects with ease, ensuring that all related information is accessible and neatly organized.



Customizing and managing your notebooks is straightforward in Brewit.ai:

Sharing and Collaboration

Notebooks are designed for collaboration. Share your notebooks with team members to provide them with valuable insights, or use shared dashboards as a discussion point in team meetings and strategy sessions.

Only the owner of a notebook can edit it. However, you can share your notebook with other users to view and interact with it.