Centralize Your Insights Dashboards in Brewit.ai provide a flexible platform to aggregate your data visualizations, enabling you to monitor and share key metrics at a glance.


Dashboards are a powerful feature in Brewit.ai that allow you to organize and display charts, markdown blocks, and links in a customizable layout. Whether you’re tracking KPIs, project progress, or data analysis results, dashboards offer a centralized view of your data.

Creating a Dashboard

Creating a dashboard involves selecting charts, configuring layout options, and customizing appearance settings to suit your needs. Follow these steps to start building your dashboard:


Define Your Dashboard

Initiate the creation of a new dashboard by specifying a title, description, and the type of dashboard (e.g., Dashboard or Report) you wish to create.


Add Charts and Blocks

Incorporate various types of blocks, such as charts, markdown for narrative, and links for external resources. Click the Chart button you’ve created or use the updated chart features for enhanced visualization options.

Add Chart

Configure Block


Customize Layout

Arrange and resize blocks within your dashboard. This step is crucial for ensuring your dashboard is organized in a way that best communicates your data story.

Layout Configuration


Set Properties

Finalize your dashboard by setting properties such as background color. These aesthetic adjustments can enhance readability and viewer engagement.


Customizing and managing your dashboards is straightforward in Brewit.ai:

Data Refresh

You can manually refresh your dashboard to ensure that you’re viewing the most recent data. However, dashboards are not updated in real-time, due to the potential performance impact on the underlying data sources.

Sharing and Collaboration

Dashboards are designed for collaboration. Share your dashboards with team members to provide them with valuable insights, or use shared dashboards as a discussion point in team meetings and strategy sessions.

Only the owner of a dashboard can edit it. However, you can share your dashboard with other users to view and interact with it.