Billing Overview Gain insight into how billing works for your account, including monitoring usage and updating payment methods.

Monitoring Workspace Usage

Understand how your workspace consumes resources and ensure your team operates within the limits of your selected plan.


View Usage Details

Navigate to Analytics to see an overview of your current usage, including data storage, compute hours, and other resources.


Understand Your Limits

Review the limits associated with your current plan. You can find detailed information about plan limits on our pricing page.

Managing Billing Information

Easily update your payment method, view past invoices, and change your subscription plan from within your account settings.


Update Payment Method

Go to Billing to add or update your payment method. We support a variety of payment options (all payments that Stripe supports!)


View Invoices

Access all your past invoices for record-keeping and accounting purposes by navigating to the Billing section of your settings.

Billing History


Change Plan

Considering an upgrade or need to adjust your plan? Visit our Pricing page to compare options and select the plan that best suits your team’s needs.