Boost Your Data Workflow Query library streamline your data analysis process, allowing for quick access to frequently used queries and efficient data exploration.

Creating and Saving Query Library

Query library is a powerful feature that enhances your data exploration efficiency. Learn how to create, save, and utilize your SQL queries within


Create a SQL Query

Start by writing your SQL query. Include a meaningful title and a brief description to help you and your team understand the query’s purpose at a glance.


Run and Test Your Query

Before saving your query, run a test to ensure it executes as expected. Look for any errors or unexpected results, and refine your query accordingly.

Run Query


Save Your Query

Once satisfied with the results, save your query for future use. This saves time and effort when you need to run similar analyses or when your team members require access to the query.

Benefits of Query Library

Query library come with several benefits that significantly improve your data analysis workflow.

  • Efficiency: Quickly access and run your most used queries without having to rewrite or look them up each time.
  • Collaboration: Share your saved queries with team members, fostering collaboration and ensuring consistent analysis across your team.
  • Organization: Keep your queries well-organized with titles and descriptions, making it easier to find and use the right query when needed.